Partnering With Forrest Kemmerer

Since The Way Home is a community supported organization, Forrest is helping to raise his own salary with us.

Most partners support him at $35 a month

What are you able to give?

Our Executive Director

In 2009 Forrest became a church planter in Bristol, PA. It was there that his work with the homeless camps inspired him to find community approaches to dealing with poverty. 

Forrest is a Cairn University graduate and uses his experience from the fields of mentalth health care, community housing, poverty, and social justice to help those in need.

His engagement with community poverty is what The Way Home is all about. Now Forrest brings his passion to help serve the Homeless with us. Forrest's love for the homeless shows up in everything he does, from doing the paperwork to the midnight phone calls. 

The Way Home
P.O Box 1292
Bristol, PA 19007

Phone:  (610) 550-9988